About us

We are a private lending firm built by a highly-seasoned team of industry “Insiders” dedicated to offering exceptional value and project-specific financial solutions unavailable in the traditional lending sector.

About Us

Capital Insiders, LLC is a private lending firm offering an Institutional-grade lending platform for small-balance commercial real estate loans.

As direct lenders, our company provides a streamlined process. We originate, underwrite and service the loans in-house, and we drastically reduce the bureaucracy and red-tape that can delay or even dissolve an opportunity for the borrower.

With over two decades of “boots on the ground” expertise, including; developing, building, owning and managing real estate, our consultants and loan officers are well versed in the industry and we understand the needs and goals of our clients. Our team is willing and able to assist in every step of the loan process, starting from the preliminary feasibility study, to the loan closing.

Unlike many lenders, we are positioned to help our borrowers with exit and restructuring strategies. We have programs that accommodate a variety of real estate investment objectives. Not only do we work with investors who need financing with the intent to buy-then-sell, but also construction or rehab to rental transitions, cash-out refinancing and more…

In addition to our lending capabilities, we offer accredited investors access to our investment fund backed by first-lien, secured real estate. The fund offers capital preservation, consistent income and a preferred return to investors.


Emiliano Zapata

Mr. Zapata is the Founder and CEO of Capital Insiders, LLC a Texas-based private money lending company, focused on investment-purpose and commercial real estate. Mr. Zapata has more than 20 years of experience across structured real estate finance, investment, development, and construction.

Mr. Zapata started his real estate career in 1995, founding Zapata Construction and Development Co, a privately held, award-winning real estate company that specialized in design, development, construction, and management of residential, multifamily and commercial developments projects in Texas.

Engineer by profession, Mr. Zapata is numbers-driven, and with over two decades of first-hand real estate development and structured finance experience he is a qualified and passionate advisor and leader. He is an avid entrepreneur, visionary, and key business-consultant to several entrepreneurs and companies.

Mr. Zapata has been happily married for 23 years to wife, Claudia Zapata. Together, they are the proud parents of two (twins-a boy and a girl), who are both graduating this year from University and ready to embark on their professional lives. He and his wife are both devoted to church activities, and very involved in community service.


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