Boots on the Ground experience

It's critical for CRE Investments

Investing in CRE takes more than due diligence - that’s why a capital management company must have a team of professionals spread over multiple disciplines. Successful managers have a team with first-hand experience on each of the disciplines of the commercial real estate market they invest in.

Small and medium private funds focus on small-deal sizes, thus more likely to find, move fast and capitalize local opportunities. These deals are not as obvious or desirable to large institutional firms. Valuations can be more subjective because they are based on local comps, market conditions and performed by local real estate investors with different criteria and levels of expertise.

Proximity to an investment is key in these types of investments. Through the last recession, many of the CRE investments that experienced trouble suffered because out-of-town investors lacked a realistic understanding of the local markets in which they invested and rarely visited them. Thus, when times became tough, those investors didn’t know where to begin addressing those challenges, including their lenders which didn’t know how to apply scenarios that work out.

Investing in some distant markets where “flying-to” may not be an option for everyone due to the time involved with commercial-flights might create investment limitations. Unless the investors access these markets throughout local RE investors and /or investing alongside with regionally-focused developers and lenders, the investor is starting out with a disadvantage.

Knowing the geographical area the manager invests in is key and developing relationships is essential to successfully navigate the CRE industry. From Dallas all the way to the Rio Grande Valley, (including Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Laredo) Capital Insiders team has developed a strong network of professionals that include:

•   Land Developers

•   Builders

•   General Contractors

•   Subcontractors

•   Architects

•   Civil Engineers

•   Topography, Geotechnical Engineering Firms

•   MEP Engineers

•   Structural Engineers

•   Landscape Architects

•   General Contractors

•   Project Managers

•   Financial Institutions

•   Management and Asset Companies

•   Insurance Agents

•   Interior Designers

•   Accessibility Consultants

•   Communications Attorneys

•   Waterproof Consultants

•   Communications Consultants

•   Fireproof Consultants

•   Legal Counselors

•   Real Estate Attorneys

•   Lending Attorneys

•   CPA Firms

•   Tax Advisors

•   Marketing/ Advertising Firms

•   Web Development Companies

•   Social Media Firms

With over two decades of “boots on the ground” expertise and first-hand experience, our team brings well-researched CRE investment opportunities to both, our funds Investors and the RE community we serve. Our “best-of-class” team is well-versed in the industry with experience in: site selection, design, development, construction, structured finance, source of funds (equity and debt), owning and managing real estate.

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