Understanding Bridge Loans

A bridge loan is a short-term loan used until a permanent financing its secured

A bridge loans is not a loan to build an actual bridge, rather than it is a temporary loan that can be used to purchase a new property and cover expenses while you are in the process of selling your current one.

This loan can be utilized to help you start a new project without worrying of having to quickly sell your current property at a loss. There may be times when you need to move quickly to purchase a new property at a good price and not miss the opportunity because of a short-term cash flow challenge. Using a bridge loan can “buy you time” to manage your investments and/or your business and help you minimize actual financial losses or opportunity costs.

Some of the advantages of bridge loans is that these loans generally are easier to obtain, offer flexible terms and usually there are no prepayments penalties.

At Capital Insiders, our bridge loan program is a great short-term financing solution for investors looking for additional time to stabilize a property for an upcoming refinance or sale.

Why would someone want to use a bridge loan?

  • Developer

Needs capital to continue construction or development while waiting for equity financing to close.

  • Investor

Purchases an apartment complex and requires funds for renovation/operation while locating renters.

  • Buyer

Needs funds ASAP to purchase a prime piece of property.

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