Location, Location, Location

When you are thinking about your next Fix-N-Flip project, take a moment to think about the location of it.

Location might just be the most important aspect that you should consider from your Fix-N-Flip. We can’t stress enough hoe your success is based on the location that you choose. Think about your target market and their needs. When evaluating a neighborhood for investment, consider the average family income, proximity to schools, shopping, access to public transportation, etc.

Don’t simply look for a house that is priced really low because you might end up paying more for unexpected renovation or find out that there are problems in the area that make it very undesirable to your prospects.

Interestingly, there are folks who will purchase a home that is more modest than they really want, just to be in a particular school district. Look at the “big picture”. Location is key and can be the main way to bring more traffic to your project.

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