Are Private Money Loans a Fit for You?

Private Money Loans are also known as “Hard Money Loans”.

A private lender will offer loans in a specialty area such as retail, oil and gas, restaurant, or the most common, in real estate.

When the Private Loan is attached to a “hard asset” it becomes a “Hard Money Loan”. Hard Money loan can be offered by a private lender, but not all private lenders offer hard money loans. The terms for these loans vary depending on the lender/investor, specialty, project, and even the track record of the borrower.

Private Money Loans can be a great option for a borrower who wants or needs more service and consultation because the Private Lenders tend to be experts in the industry sector for which they lend.

Loan terms can be more flexible and “personalized” for the borrower because the private lender often has more authority to make decisions on a local level and generally is not bound by the excessive bureaucracy and regulations of the traditional bank or financial institution. 

At Capital Insiders we make Private Loans for a wide range of properties from residential to commercial to special purposes.

We offer the following property types:

•            Single Family                           

•            1-4 Units       

•            Daycare

•            Mixed use properties

•            Hospitality

•            Office Buildings

•            Multifamily

•            Light Industrial

•            Retail Centers

•            Self-Storage

•            Senior Housing

•            Strip Mall

•            Shopping Centers

•            Land Development

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