Do you have the proper financing for your project?

It is important to know your own financial strength and understand how to budget your project.

Unless you are sitting on a lot of cash, you will need to have a good relationship with a lender. There is a variety of options in this regard but generally, because of the short-term nature of the Fix-N-Flip process, private “Hard Money” loans are the most common.

Although private lenders are generally much easier to deal with than the highly regulated and restricted traditional bank option, they still have requirements. Some will only lend to a business entity such as a LLC, LP, Family Trust, etc.. and you must be able to provide your legal documentation. It is standard to require a down-payment for the initial purchase and they may lend for the entire cost of the renovations so you need to have these informative conversations with your lender before you put a property under contract so you can truly “put your money where your mouth is” ... so to speak.

Don’t go out and make promises or contracts that you cannot get finance for. This can cost you the opportunity, your reputation and possible contract default penalties.

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