3 Marketing Tips for Faster House Fix-&-Flips

You have finished your renovation and you have a beautiful home, now its time to put your house on the market! Below are three marketing tips that you can utilize for your advantage.

1- Create a video walkthrough!

With social media growing, it is important that you take advantage of the benefits it can bring for you. Now on days, your potential buyer is looking for their next new home online, don’t stay behind. The best way to showcase your fixer-upper is by creating a video walkthrough of the property and showing the features of your project. Take into consideration that attention spans are short, so make the video short and to the point. We recommend nothing less than 1 min and not exceeding 4 min. Your video can also include neighborhood perks. Showcase the near schools, restaurants, shopping centers, walking trails, and playgrounds. All of these features allow your potential buyer to have a great idea of what the house looks like, but also the potential life that they can have. With a bigger picture of themselves in that new home.

2- Use social media.

I don’t think we can stress this tip enough! The best realtors are social media savvy. If you have a strong social media presence you also hold credibility. Take advantage of the different social media sites in order to showcase your project Each social media site holds its perk, for example, Facebook and Instagram are a great source for pictures or videos! They are a great visual aid. Twitter allows you to inform about open houses or other information.

3- Showcase your open house on social media!

Open house events are great for people who are more traditional or that are driving by the neighborhood to see your project. Utilize social media to share your open house event with time. You can begin posting on your site about the event days before in order to build up enthusiasm as well as to let your community know that you are hosting this event. The day of your open house, take advantage of the first two tips. Videotape yourself giving a tour of the house or about how your open house is going inviting others to also come and join.

These are some tips that we think can help you maximize your return on your investment.


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