3 Items that Should be in Your Inspection Checklist

Fix and Flips are popular for taking a house that is not as appealing to the eye and transforming it into a new home.

1- Water Drainage:

One of the first things to look at when you are thinking of buying a home for your fix-n-flip project is to look at the outside of the house and check for any water damage. Problems that are associated with water damage may include mold, foundation cracks, and other very expensive repairs. Be aware of structures that have water pooling. Having water along foundation walls can cause a foundation crack which can lead to a big expense that you were not counting on. If you see what might be minor water damage but you are still highly interested in purchasing the home, have an air quality test, this can help determine mold which causes health issues and may be very expensive to remediate.


Everyone loves an attractive and beautiful landscape, it is often a big determining factor for a project. Be aware of big trees near the property through. Take into consideration that big trees mean big roots which can lead to sewer damage. If the damage is severe you might need to get it replaced and that can easily cost you several thousands of dollars. Have a home inspector tell you if the interior plumbing is in good shape and a sewer expert to check on sewer pipes to make sure you are on the clear.

3- Foundation:

If you are looking to repair an older home, checking the foundation is key for you. Older homes can have weaker concrete which can be very expensive to replace. Minor cracks in the foundation are usually not to be alerted for, but larger cracks are a warning sign. Make sure that everything is okay with your project's foundation in order to avoid flooding’s, gas leaks, or plumbing issues.

It is always exciting to start a project especially when you have a vision for it, but take a look at the bigger picture. You are in the fix-&-flip business to make money rather than to spend more on careless mistakes that could of have been avoided.


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