Are you Scared of Flipping the Wrong Home?

Don’t let this fear stop you from starting your project

Halloween is tomorrow, and we all know that the fear we once had of the dark, clowns or witches are fears from the past, but is the fear of flipping the wrong house haunting you at night?

Many of the fix and flippers are afraid of this too, so don’t worry. It can be very scary to know that the home that you have purchased and invested on is not as profitable as you thought it would be. You did all the research you could think of to make sure that the project would be in good time frames, that the location you selected would be appealing and the profit would be high. You find out that the project time frame has gone further than what you expected, and this is costing you more than what you had budgeted for. When you finally have the house completed you are tired are desperate for it to sell and end up getting a good amount for the home but not where you expected.

This sounds like a scary situation to be in, doesn’t? For many, this fear has become a reality.

That is why at Capital Insiders we are positioned to help our borrowers with exit and restructuring strategies. We have programs that accommodate a variety of real estate investment objectives. Not only do we work with investors who need financing with the intent to buy-then-sell, but also construction or rehab to rental transitions, cash-out refinancing and more

With over two decades of “boots on the ground” expertise, including; developing, building, owning and managing real estate, our consultants and loan officers are well versed in the industry and we understand the needs and goals of our clients. Our team is willing and able to assist in every step of the loan process, starting from the preliminary feasibility study, to the loan closing.

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